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that when established organisations put their existing experience and capabilities to work, they can outperform the best startups.
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lean strategy

We at altershape believe established organisations have a wealth of people and capabilities to tap into when shaping their future.

Our three step approach of lean strategy execution combines proven analysis and architecture methods with lean startup and innovation techniques in a pragmatic way, adapted to your organisation.

  1. Pin down goals
    Find out what you can achieve with your ideas
  2. Expose enablers
    Discover what will make these ideas work
  3. Identify, prioritise and validate hypotheses
    Implement and validate in short iterations, using your customer's feedback to guide you

This way, we help you leverage your best resources so you can discover the best ideas and make them happen.

lean strategy execution

Read our blog for hands-on info on our approach.

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bridging analysis and architecture skills with lean startup and innovation techniques

supporting your innovation projects from idea to value creation

  • integrate validated learning in your projects
  • business hackathons

shaping your organisation for continuous transformation

  • setup of innovation processes
  • innovation portfolio management
  • strategy & roadmap definition: balancing a stable outlook and room for adaptability
  • leverage corporate strengths for fast scaling

training — coaching — speaking — workshop facilitation

  • in-house interactive trainings, adapted to your needs and context
  • on-the-job coaching
  • for BAs, EAs, product managers, process managers, customer experience experts, …

You can also attend a public event to learn more.

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innovation canvas

facilitating innovation think — shape — try your idea with the innovation canvas

Innovation canvas — Facilitating corporate innovation

Innovation is hard.

Ideas are cheap and plentiful, but execution often falls short and few ideas lead to valuable results within reasonable time and budget. The innovation canvas supports you in the first stages of innovation.

  • Get your idea out of your head and on paper
  • Get feedback, refine and improve
  • Identify your idea's key assumptions
  • Determine the next steps and take action

Want to know more about it? Check out this blog post.

Want to try it? Download it here. I look forward to your feedback.

Getting hands-on: workshop & coaching

In a half-day workshop with your team, we apply the innovation canvas to your idea. The result is a clear view on your idea's opportunities and assumptions, and a plan for the next steps to take.

Some of the challenges we tackle:

  • Shift from product thinking to customer thinking
  • Turn a “we believe” mindset into a “what are our assumptions & how can we validate them” mindset
  • Connect with the established organisation’s way of working, engaging more conservative stakeholders without hindering creativity

Our think — shape — try approach facilitates your organisation's innovation process, from ideation to value creation. It lets you take a validation driven approach, building customer feedback and agility into idea development right from the beginning. Real life examples and results will get you started.

This workshop can also be done with facilitators in your organisation, like business analysts or service designers. Afterwards, they will be able to apply the innovation canvas and think — shape — try approach in-house.

Contact us for an in-house workshop or attend a public event to learn more.

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public workshops & events

"Brilliant last conference session 'Perfect your pitch through ritual dissent'. Loads of energy and useful discussion in our group and learnt a new technique."
— Christina Lovelock at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2018
"Filip strongly thought along with the concrete cases of our business."
— Farmad in-house workshop participant
"Plenty of practical work and examples to keep everyone’s interest. Good interaction with attendees."
— Business Analysis Conference Europe 2017 delegate
"This talk was well constructed and had some great key points. The examples were salient and easy to embrace. Mr. Hendrickx shared a very simple, compelling process with templates that I will be able to take back and share with my team."
— Building Business Capability 2017 delegate

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